Overview of Services



If you have an upcoming mental health event and you are looking for a speaker, please go to the contact page and request availability. Below are a list of topics that have been presented. If you are interested in these topics, or if there is a specific theme for your event, please contact for next steps. Looking forward to presenting at your next event!


·       Parenting Skills/Training: “How to Create a Behavior Modification System in the Home Setting for Children With Emotional and Behavioral Issues.”

·       Mindfulness: “Staying in the Present Moment When Distractions From the Past and Future are Causing Emotional Distress.”

·       Anger Management: “Is My Anger Really Anger: An Exploration of Anger as a Secondary Emotion.”

·       Self-Care: “Learning the Roots to Pick the Fruits: How to Become More Self-Aware About Triggers.”

·       Youth Empowerment: “The Natural Born Leader: How To Redirect Negative Thoughts and Feelings to Increase Positive Self-Esteem.”

·       Women Empowerment: “Back Burner Syndrome: Creating a Space for Women to Prioritize Themselves.”



Supervision is a place to develop the necessary skills and practice of counseling to protect one’s clients and become a competent practitioner. As a clinical supervisor, I am here to help you learn in a safe and supportive environment that allows you, the supervisee, to be accountable while learning. If you are a licensed associate counselor (LAC) on the path to gain hours toward your licensed professional counselor (LPC) credential, let’s talk to ensure we are a good match. Sign up for an initial supervision call! Services also offered for LPC’s and master level students.



After being in the field for more than 10 years, there are certain areas of expertise that I have the ability to share with those looking for specific strategies and interventions. My goal is to provide high quality information while giving you direction in a particular area. If you are looking to solve a problem in the workplace (ie stress management) or a school setting issue (ie student engagement) then contact us today!


I am passionate about working with other mental health professionals on their professional goals. I will help guide and motivate you as you work to create new outcomes regarding your career path. As your coach, I will lead you to discover your strengths and develop a career strategy by providing different tools while assisting with goal setting and self-improvement activities. Whether you are looking to get started in private practice, changing careers, or stuck on your counseling career journey, I can help. Sign up for a coaching call today! If you are looking for a mentor, let’s see if we are a good fit through the initial mentoring call.